22 Inspiring American History Essay Topics To Write About

American history has always been of the most interesting topics to write about and there have been several people who have written on it with zeal and tenacity. There are those who you like and there are those who you may not like. But the history of America has been filled with fantastic events and personalities that you just cannot ignore. There are also several people that look at it from a different perspective and this is one reason so many things in American history are so diluted.

22 decent essay topics on American history

  1. Examine the role of W Wilson as a founding member of the League of Nations
  2. Look at the World War I as the first of the two major wars in which America was a part
  3. Has the prohibition law proven to be a historic factor in the rise of lawlessness and crime?
  4. Has the Great Depression been the worst of its kinds that has affected the lives of Americans?
  5. Was Roosevelt really the greatest American President to ever enter the White House?
  6. Look at the World War II as the most destructive war of the past century
  7. The role of Potsdam in initiating peace after the World War II
  8. Truman was the rightful successor of Roosevelt. Comment
  9. Was JFK the only worthy successor to Roosevelt who was assassinated later?
  10. Comment on the political ideology of J Edgar Hoover, who founded the FBI
  11. Was the Vietnam War the worst war that America fought in the pre-cold war era?
  12. Why did LB Johnson turn out to be an abject mishap as the successor of Kennedy
  13. The cold war that begun the nuclear threat
  14. Does peace sell in American elections? Is America a war hungry nation?
  15. Has Reaganomics been the worst debacle in internal politics?
  16. How have the Clinton scandals changed the face of the nation?
  17. The inconvenient truth about Al Gore
  18. Nine Eleven: the worst tragedy of the millennium for America?
  19. Barack Obama: was all the hype worth it?
  20. Lincoln and Washington: Has America been indebted forever to them?
  21. The end of slavery: Did Lincoln really wish for it?
  22. The policy of oil encroachment: Are most Americans crafty about the occupations in Mid-East?

These are 22 great essay topics on American history. You should preserve the curiosity to look for more.