How To Compose A Problem Cause & Solution Essay: Basic Instructions

Whilst you may have written many different forms of academic paper in the past, it is possible that you have been asked to write a problem cause and solution essay, and are wondering what you need to do, if you have written one of these before.

Essentially, this form of academic paper involves identifying a topic whereby a problem was caused, after which you will try and identify any particular solutions can be used.

Writing the introduction

The first section of your paper will be the introduction. In the introduction, you will introduce the reader to the problem that you are writing about. You may also wish to give a brief background relating to why this is a problem, and what caused it.

The body of your essay

The body section is where you will start to elaborate further about the problem and any reasons that it exists. However, one of the main reasons for the body section when writing this form of essay is to discuss any solutions.

Ultimately, you should have a main solution in mind before writing the work. You will be trying to persuade the reader as to why this is the best solution to use. Therefore, a reasonable amount of your body section should be devoted to putting forward various arguments as to why the solution that you have come up with will resolve any problem that you are discussing.

As important as it is to put across any arguments that back up the point that you are try to make, it is also good idea to introduce any other possible solutions that can be used. Even if you think they are less adequate than the solution that you are proposing, by at least informing the reader of these possible solutions, you can help to explain why they will be less effective the solution that you have proposed.

The conclusion and finalising the work

The final part of your paper will be the conclusion. In this section you will draw on any of the arguments that you have made for your chosen solution, as well as any arguments against other possible solutions; in fact, you don’t want to bring up any new points, but merely reflect on what you have written already. Ultimately, the aim of this section is to bring all the arguments together.

Finally, once you have written all the necessary sections, you will then need to check over the work for any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, or factual inaccuracies.