How To Compose A Proper Persuasive Essay On The DREAM Act

Are you a law-obedient child of the undocumented immigrants who wants the DREAM Act to be passed? Or, maybe, you are among those Americans who think that the following legislative proposal will attract more and more people to come illegally to the United States and, therefore, are against it? In any case, you’ll need to write a proper persuasive essay to convince the opponents of your standpoint.

DREAM Act Requirements

According to the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act the children can get conditional citizenship if they meet the following requirements: they (1) entered the United States under the age of sixteen, (2) have been living in the country continuously for five years, (3) have graduated high school or got a General Education Development Certificate, and (4) don’t have criminal records.

Further on, if a person graduates higher institution or serves in the army for at least two years and is discharged with honors, they can apply for permanent residency. An immigrant, as well, has to be a law-obedient citizen without criminal past.

The Persuasive Essay Writing Techniques

If you need to write a persuasive essay on the DREAM Act, firstly decide whom you will appeal to and what your message is. The constituent parts of the paper should be the following:

  • introduction
  • main body
  • conclusion


Think of the catchy beginning. Do research and try to find some interesting or stunning information connected to this particular subject. You can begin the writing with:

  • a historical background
  • surprising statistics
  • a rhetorical question
  • a quotation of a famous politician

In the thesis statement reflect your point of view. State whether you are in favor of this legislative proposal or against it. Think of three supportive statements you will further develop into separate paragraphs.

Main Body

The introduction is followed by the main body that usually consists of four paragraphs; three of them support writer’s opinion as to the DREAM Act, and one should highlight the opposite point of view people may have. Every paragraph should be, as well, properly structured. Remember that the first sentence must always present a separate idea. Then, find out the right words and details about the bill to convince the readers to support or refute it. Use bright and emotional language if you strive to write an efficient persuasive essay on the DREAM Act.


Finally, paraphrase your thesis, summarize the main points and end up the paper with a clincher, or a strong final sentence.