Best Techniques For Creating A Narrative Essay On A Natural Disaster

Before you start writing about a natural disaster, it is important that we first of all understand the fact that we are being asked to write a narrative. A narrative is like a story telling session. The reader is supposedly someone who may or may never have been there, and you too may or may never have been there at all. The expectation therefore is for you to provide a vivid description of events to someone who has never witnessed the natural disaster happening. If you had the unlucky circumstance of witnessing the events, your description of events might be more vivid. However, in the event that you never have been in any such situation before, it is important for you to ensure that you can think deeply and enact some of the scenarios and put the reader into perspective.

In most cases this narrative basically requires you to be an imaginative student. Not so many of those who happen to witness natural disasters ever get to overcome some of the challenges that come with them. To write this paper therefore you need to underline some of the following points. The following are three of the most important sections that have to be highlighted when you are discussing this topic:

Before the disaster

What happened before the disaster? What was the situation like? What were people doing? How was the environment? You need to give a clear description of life as it was before anything happened and then from there you can start delving into the disaster.

When disaster struck

This is now the thick of your paper. It is the point where you discuss what happened when things turned for the worse. What were you doing, how did people react to the disaster? Discuss the events that unfolded one after the other. Discuss some of the strategies that were being put into use to help people get evacuated from the affected areas to areas of safety and so forth.

The aftermath

The aftermath of the disaster is all about reflection. This is that part of your paper where you provide lessons that you learned from the event. Here you can also highlight some of the support facilities that were put into place to help residents get back to their normal lives. You must make sure that through all means possible, your paper makes sense.