Quick Tips On How To Make Your Persuasive Essay More Effective

A persuasive essay requires the students to act as a lawyer defending their stance for or against the case in the court. You need to choose a stance on the subject, which is clear and free of any ambiguity. Once you take one side of the issue, you can move ahead and determine the say or biasness of the audience in this matter. Is your audience inclined towards or away from the paper?

One important thing while writing such paper is considering the purpose of the assignment, whether you are going to submit it to your teacher, an academic journal, a blog, an advertising campaign in business or an academic site. Based on the purpose of your paper you will need to conduct research and plan your paper. Remember that you should not rely on search results from one single source rather than consider different sources to find authenticated, valid, and relevant data for your assignment.

Your paper will be complete in different steps like pre-writing and planning, writing the first draft and post writing where you edit and proofread your paper. When you write your paper, you must make sure that it does not have an informative but a persuasive tone because you want to convince your audience with your ideas.

Determine the most important and convincing evidence for your paper and arrange this evidence in an ascending order from the least convincing to most convincing in your paper. It is important to add a strong hook to the introduction of your paper like a fact, stat, quote, or a question.

The body paragraphs in your essay need to be unique in content and ideas. This means that each paragraph should cover a new point and there should be smooth transition between different paragraphs in your paper.

Look at different ways, in which you can create a winning argument, this will include analogy, comparative style, examples, assumptions, and empathetic statements.

It is important to avoid the usage of jargons and abbreviations to least possible times. When you do make sure you give a prior introduction. This is because your audience does not know these terms and do not have knowledge of the subject like you do after research.

The last paragraph in your paper is the conclusion, where you summarize the important evidence from the body of your assignment.