What Are The Requirements For A Good 8th Grade Literature Essay?

When trying to write an 8th grade literature essay, there are certain things to keep in mind so that you have a great chance of landing the elusive top marks. The things to keep mind are fairly simple, but you must adhere to them nevertheless. They can help you avoid the mistakes that many people make when writing their work. With that thought in mind, here are the top tips to keep in mind when composing an 8th grade literature essay:

Read Up On Your Chosen Book

It is a good idea to thoroughly read the book that you are doing your project on. Make notes along the way that are related to the topic you will be writing on. Also read up on the comments that other people might have made on the book – key figures in the literature world. You can perhaps extract further insight by taking a look at the opinions of others.

It Must Have Structure

As with any piece of work to get a top grade there must be a sense of structure. Here are the three main structure points you should know about:

  1. Introduction: in the introduction you must make sure to include the main points that will be covered in the middle sections of your work. These are the points that be used to hook the reader in. If there is no hook in the introduction, then it does not build up a sufficient amount of interest.
  2. Middle: the middle of the essay can be used to expand on all the points that the piece is based on. Make sure to use as many extracts from the piece of literature that you are covering as possible.
  3. Conclusion: this is the last section, and will neatly tie together all the points that you made in the middle. Some closing thoughts on the piece of literature discussed should also be presented here.

Compare To Other Books

If you are able to show off your expertize for other books, not just the one that you are basing your literature essay on, then it will land you the top marks. You must compare and contrast them when it is appropriate to do so. This could take a lot of research to get right, or you can do it very easily if you do a lot of reading in your spare time.