Writing A Narrative Essay For High School – Helpful Suggestions

Many people believe that a narrative essay is the simplest form or genre of writing activity. For a high school student this may well be true because if you choose the right topic, you are simply writing a story about which you have first-hand experience. You see a narrative essay is really a story which involves personal involvement. Just think of any activity in which you have been involved. That is the basis for a narrative essay. It will include the following elements.

  • A plot.
  • A character or characters.
  • The setting or place where the action takes place.
  • A build-up of tension.
  • An ending.

Now you only have to do two things once you have made a note about each of the five events listed above. You need to choose a topic which could well be an event in which you were involved. And you need to choose the formula or layout which, like so many types of essays, will include an introduction, main body paragraphs and a conclusion.

It is easy to find numerous examples of narrative essays which you can read. Many are freely available. The idea is to see how a single event is described and how the writer goes through the variety of stages whereby the story is told leading to a tense finale and then an ending.

So knowing what needs to be included, and knowing the structure of the narrative essay, and being able to see and read the examples of how other people have written highly regarded narrative essays, all that remains is for you to select the event. As mentioned before, arguably the best event to choose is one in which you have some sort of personal involvement. The saying is that you write best about what you know.

So let's assume that you took a trip and while you were on this trip something particularly exciting happened. That's just one example of the germ of an idea for your topic in your narrative essay. Of course you don’t have to have been directly involved in the event which is the basis for your essay. It could be an event you read about or an event someone described to you or, it could be an event you invent. Just make sure it is a topic [or event] which really appeals to you. Then make your story gripping and interesting.