A List Of Essay Topics On Technology: 10 Great Suggestions

There are many subjects that may require you to write an essay based on the topic of technology. For example, if you are studying about computers or information technology, there is a good chance that you will have essays based on technology related things. Alternatively, it may be that you’re writing a history essay that looks at various technological advances of the past, or you may even be studying a subject such as geography that requires you to look at technology within a certain country.

Whatever it is that you need to write your technology paper about, the following may give you some good suggestions to help you do the work to a high standard.

Write about a piece of technology that you are particularly interested in

Supposing you need to write an essay for an information technology based subject, and you have been studying about various pieces of technology, then you may wish to pick an example that you have found particularly interesting during your studies. Alternatively, even if you haven’t studied the specific piece or area of technology that you wish to write about, you may still have been interested in it from a personal sense; it may be that you wish to write about a piece of technology that you own, or one that you just generally fascinated by.

Think about technology in the past and the future, as well as the present

When writing about technology it can be tempting to concentrate solely on examples that we find around us some: however, you may wish to consider writing about technology from the past which has since become obsolete or, alternatively, technology that may exist in the future but has yet to be invented or successfully developed.

For some extra inspiration for writing your technology paper, the following outlines a list of great topic ideas that you may wish to write about:

  • How successful has 3D television been with consumers?
  • Should everyone have free access to the internet?
  • What impact has the public’s thirst for technology had on the environment?
  • Is driverless technology in automobiles a good idea?
  • Given the advances in technology, is enough done to record in-flight details in the event of a plane crash?
  • Are music and movie companies fighting a losing battle against piracy?
  • Should movie companies change the way they deliver content in order to combat piracy?
  • Is the world a better place since the Internet was invented?
  • How have mobile communications changed developing countries?
  • How has technology changed the way we communicate with each other?