Picking Up Synthesis Essay Topics About Poetry On Love

Picking out a topic to write your essay on can be just about as stressful as sitting down and putting your pen to paper. A good topic can make the difference between good grade and having to repeat the class next year. Before you can pick your topic, you have to find something that grabs your interest and grabs your attention. You are passionate about what you are writing then it will be reflected into your paper and picked up on by your reader. Here are some tips to help you out while you are looking around.

  • Read some poetry. Find a poet that when you hear the name you automatically think of love.
  • Try to avoid the usual poems and poets. Think outside and do some research to find some lesser known writers. This will make your paper stand out.
  • Dig for unknown or unusual angles in the poetry. For example, delve into why people act the way they do when they are in love. Or poetry that grabs the dark side of an affair.
  • Research for your topic in an unusual place. Skip the mainstream search engines, go retro and find a public library. There you will find more topics that not everyone is touching on.
  • Take a normal topic and find an unusual twist on it. This is not going to be the easiest way, but it will be the most rewarding.
  • Look alone. You do not want your friends clouding your judgment on a topic. Love topics should reflect the writer’s thoughts on love, your friends or classmate may not have the same views or opinions as you do.
  • Do not wait until the last minute to start searching. You will feel pressured to choose a topic quickly and not take the necessary time to find one that will speak to you.

No matter how long it takes you, focus on making your paper unique to you. Do not stress over it to the point you are over critical. You can set the tone in your search. The search will awaken your ideas and show you the direction you want to go with your paper. There is no limit to how many topics you can find, but you will be able to weed out the undesirable choices quickly once you decide what direction you want to go while picking up your topic.