15 Great Sample College Essay Topics On Dinosaurs

Since childhood, every person is intrigued by Dinosaurs. In Kinder Garden you play with toys and you hear stories about these giant animals. Later on, you start to understand that they really existed and that there are many scientific proofs to explain this. Of course, you already saw some of the hundreds of movies that were made on this subject. With all this, it should be pretty easy to write a good essay about them. There are various aspects that you can discuss depending on what are you interested in.

  • Your favorite dinosaur. For sure you do not know so many about them, but you know enough to figure out which one you liked the most. Write a description and why it is your favorite.
  • Scientific evidence. From fossils to marks, there are many proofs that these creatures lived on Earth. Mention some of these in your paper.
  • How did they disappear? Even if the scientists did not answer this question yet, there are many hypothesis that are worth mentioning in your composition.
  • The most famous discoveries. Scientific magazines can be a great help for this. You can provide pictures or small videos to support your project.
  • How smart were they? Some studies say that these creatures were much more smart than any animal today. What do you think about this?
  • Feeding habits. Contrary to the public opinion, not all of them were carnivores. Actually, most of them were not larger than a dog and they were eating fruits and plants.
  • T-Rex. Even if it’s not the biggest one as everyone things, he is the most popular one. What are the reasons for this popularity, and what did the scientists discovered about it?
  • Evolution role. As many theories say, Dinosaurs had an important role in the evolution of our planet. Do you think this is a valid statement?
  • Experiments. In the last years, many laboratories try to extract enough DNA to re-create one Dinosaur. Is this possible?
  • Authors and books. There are many texts written about them. Mention some of them and the most interesting points.
  • Museums and expositions. For sure there is in your city at least one exposition that present these creatures in their real size.
  • The first mentioning in history. When were dinosaurs first mentioned? Did people always knew about them?
  • A look into the future. Imagine that a specimen would somehow come back to life. How would this change the nature around us?
  • Other historical creatures. Not only dinosaurs were existing in that time, but also many other fascinating creatures that disappeared in the same time.
  • Way of life. How were they living? Were they solitary animals or living in a pack?