20 Good Essay Topics On Being An Effective Teacher

When writing an essay about a good teacher, you can speak about practically anything. Depending on the assignment, you can write a narrative essay that will speak about a working day of a good teacher. You can choose to write an argumentative essay if you decide to speak about the value of a certain quality of a good teacher. You can also write a reflective essay, describing your personal experience of meeting a genial professional.

Below you can find a number of sample good topics that are related to writing about good teachers and effective teaching in general.

  1. What does it mean to be a teacher? Is it a profession or a mission?
  2. Does every teacher need to love children?
  3. What is the criterion of effectiveness of a teacher’s work?
  4. Is a teacher only a person who gives information, or also a friend who can give a piece of advice?
  5. Why do most students start to evaluate their teachers as due only after graduation?
  6. The totally genial teacher who has changed my world outlook completely.
  7. Does any teaching methodic has anything to do with a talent to teach effectively?
  8. Is there any difference in professional skills of teachers in schools and in colleges?
  9. Should a good and effective teacher be able to answer any question in the science they teach, or should their professional knowledge be limited by the frame of the school program only?
  10. Are good teachers supposed to encourage all talents and abilities of their students, regardless of whether these talents can be used within the subject they teach?
  11. What’s the true reason why so few people want to become teachers?
  12. Effective teaching and punishment in class: what is acceptable and what is completely inadmissible?
  13. A good teacher and traditional criteria of a teacher’s professionalism: responsibility, restraint, good knowledge of the subject.
  14. The process of mutual learning as a part of effective teaching.
  15. The role of a teacher’s friendly attitude in determining the ability of students to take risks.
  16. Does an effective teacher have a right for not knowing something?
  17. The ability to get students involved and interested: is it a talent or an acquired skill?
  18. Teaching a subject or teaching to think: what is the quality of a good teacher?
  19. Should an effective teacher be both a good speaker and a perfect listener?
  20. Can teaching be effective without an individual approach to each student?