Creating A Compare And Contrast Essay On Robots Vs. Humans

Comparison and contrast essays are those kinds of writings which explain the similarities and differences between two topics whether be it ideas, people or things. This type of writings is very common in schools and colleges. It is a common pattern in academic fields like.

  • Political science
  • Literature
  • Business

The most important and significant key for writing an effective and successful comparison and contrast essay is to first organise it. Careful organisation of the contents and materials always prove to be very helpful. On several occasions, the examiners are not in approval of the disarrangement of material in the essays. This is one of the major things that researchers need to take into account.

One example of a compare and contrast essay can be that of a robots vs. human essay. In such examples, one needs to write down the similarities and differences between robots and humans.

A robot is a machine which is automatic in nature and performs activities without the aid of humans or any other external variable. Generally it is not difficult to differentiate between a robot and a human. The only confusion exists when robots are dressed like humans to look real. However, various experts of science and technology have stated that for robots to be called so they must exhibit an intelligent movement, which means that it can perform a human like movement, behaviour or task.

On the other hand, humans are social organic beings, who once die never come back to life again like robots which can be easily repaired. No matter how complex robots are said to be, humans are always more advanced as they have a highly developed brain. The human brain can never be matched by a robot as it is more powerful and creative.

Humans are also highly social in nature. They live in environment with other people in communities and or families. They are known for maintaining relationships and generating complex feelings and emotions like love and anger.

Some points for this kind of an essay are:

  • Humans are flexible and fast, while robots are precise and dependable.
  • Humans are organic beings, while robots are not.
  • Humans are complex in nature as compared to robots.
  • Robots are electrically powered and can absorb more data from external environment.
  • Some robots can perform highly complex cognitive actions like sensing the environment it is in.