Solid Advice On Writing An Essay On Why Knowledge Is Better Than Money

Today, young people are rushing for earning more money to have better comfortable lifestyles to lead. They are wild and crazy to do any type of job for financial stability. Even they are not too much ethical to decide what type of financial career will keep their honor. Instead they are hankering after more dollars to buy luxurious goods and comfort. However, still knowledge is superior to materialistic achievement. A wise person is still respected by others. He can’t be neglected as he enriches the society by offering his innovative and dazzling thoughts. Include all facts in your essay for showcasing the difference between the knowledge and the money.

Major Differences between Money and Knowledge

  • Money brings comfort but knowledge makes someone elegant with peace
  • Knowledge removes illiteracy educating people but money makes someone luxurious without character filtration

Knowledge Empowers People with Enriched Thoughts

Knowledge removes ignorance educating people to get good jobs, improve social status, and do more innovative findings to explore. On the other hand, money only enables people to purchase products. It can’t be the best tool to make people honest, truthful, and kind hearted. People have to gather knowledge for purifying mind, getting more strength to build up the characters and participate into many cultural activities. Knowledge reduces the hatred, violence, selfishness and illiteracy to make people innovative with purified thoughts and new ideas. Money can be earned when a person becomes competent. A worthless person is not valuable to a multi-billion dollar worth IT industry. He needs education and becomes efficient in his field. Therefore, help your readers by giving superb points supporting the importance of education over money.

Knowledge –Superior to Money

A gentleman should have humanity and love. He must not be aggressive, reckless and violent. After getting million dollars, he can’t boost up his negative elements by showing excessive indulgence in anti-national activities to create disturbance in the society. He has no right to tempt minor boys to consume narcotic drugs or watch porn movies. Only knowledge can refine his thoughts. He must behave like a gentleman. He should have excellent intelligence to prove his proficiency in the industry. Therefore, he requires enlightenment to perfect his lifestyles with decent mindsets and vision. Illiteracy is not bright but dark. It never upgrades one’s lifestyle. Therefore, you should promote education so that people will have good motivation to have more upgraded knowledge. Money purchases luxuries but knowledge brings tranquility, peace and happiness to the society.

The essay must have more facts and information to describe significance of the knowledge to literate human representatives. Without knowledge, the whole world is immersed in the darkness. So, people must invite the Promethean lamp of enlightenment for resetting ultimate goals.