4 Helpful Tips For Writing An Essay About The History Of Soccer

Soccer, also known as football is the most popular sport which is as old as 2000-3000 years. The sport always stays in limelight and gathers momentum with huge soccer fans. For this reason, it has become a popular subject of essay too.

Though there are many parameters to be covered while writing such essays but following are prominent four ones. Check them out

  • How the sport originated: You can elaborate how the earliest form of soccer came into existence and its time of emergence i.e. 1004 B.C in Japan. In China the game came into picture in 50 B.C. Compare the difference in the nature of the football in both the countries (China and Japan) like Chinese soccer was filled with hair and was made up of leather ball while Japanese used to kick a small round ball.
  • Get basic information and explain its rules: You should understand the rules first before making it clear to the audience. Explain simple facts like it has two teams that play the game in a big field of grass. Each team has 11 players. Rules include not touching the ball with hand except the goalie as he needs to defend the goal. Players will make a fowl if they hit each other. Explain the role of referee, presence of goals at opposite ends, goal box, penalty box and their uniforms in different colors (jersey, cleats, shorts, socks and shin guards).
  • Explain Soccer and the perspective of various countries: Talk about UK where the sport was forbidden for many decades and centuries. Discuss how it came back and got an ignition in 19th century. Speak about Romans who played a game that was pretty similar to soccer and how they got associated with it. You can also describe why English Kings and Queens did not support this game. You should also illustrate various championships held at various countries
  • The structure of the essay: The composition should be composed of minimum 5 paragraphs where the first paragraph constitutes the introduction. Second, third and the fourth paragraphs constitute the body part and the fifth paragraph comprises of the conclusion of the paper. It is imperative to note that the content needs to be highly informative as well as interesting. Each paragraph of the body part should introduce new point. The introduction should be catchy and the conclusion should comprise of the gist. Conclusion is the shortest part of the paper.

Furthermore, try to refer various sources of references to stay safe and secure. Proofread and revise for grammar and written content and then only submit it to your professor.