Excellent Advice On How To Write A Cause And Effect Essay On Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a disease that afflicts millions of people around the world. While it is known for being linked to smoking, it can occur in anyone. Since this is such a serious, widespread disease, teachers often assign essay projects that look into the cause and effect of lung cancer. If the assignment is handed out in English class, the student will have more options for how they write their paper. For science classes, the student will need to do extensive research and valid scientific sources.

Get the Research

Since this is a research heavy topic, students should read through a wide variety of sources before they begin writing. While a textbook is a key source, students should also look through medical journals, academic publications and academic books. By getting a wide variety of sources, students will improve the quality of their essay. In addition, it will help the student to get a better grade on their assignment.

Find Multiple Causes

Everyone already knows that smoking can cause lung cancer. To make the research paper more interesting, students should find a number of different causes. For lung cancer cases like mesothelioma, the risk factor is actually asbestos exposure instead of smoking. Environmental factors, smog or chronic lung problems can all be contributing factors. By writing about these various causes, students will be able to find new research that helps them to create a more interesting essay.

Beyond the Physical Limitations of the World

Obviously, students will want to discuss the physical ramifications of having cancer. There is no way to really skip this part of the assignment. When it comes to effects, any cancer patient can easily describe how cancer affects all areas of their life. Emotionally, the patient may be depressed, agitated or increasingly worried. They may withdraw socially, or they may find that their family and friends rally around them. Mentally, cancer medications and treatment can make the patient confused or lethargic. Students should go beyond just the physical effects to show how lung cancer affects every area of the individual's life.

When writing a research paper, it is easy to forget that the subject affects real people. Cancer is not just a diagnosis that requires a series of treatments. For an inspiring or emotional essay, students should look at the human interest side of the story. Personal experiences and individual anecdotes should be included if the assignment's requirements allow it.