Choosing A Compelling Argumentative Essay Topic

You should have written dozens of argumentative essays by now, and it’s more than likely that you cope with such work pretty well. However, the task of choosing the topic for your argumentative piece of writing still remains to be a challenge. It’s not that that there aren’t enough debatable issues to choose from. The matter is that it’s difficult to come up with a topic that is good enough for your paper.

How to Pick the Best Argumentative Essay Topic

Argumentative writing is based on confrontation, which means that there should be at least two opposing viewpoints on the issue. Remember this requirement when choosing the topic and follow the tips below to make the best choice possible:

  • Consider your knowledge of the subject.
  • Give preference to the topic ideas within the scope of your competence. It will considerably simplify the task of researching the issue and you’ll be aware of all possible pitfalls of the problem from the very start.

  • Be passionate.
  • Being indifferent to the topic of discussion won’t do any good. If you want to be truly convincing in your argumentative essay, you should be passionate about the topic.

  • Be specific.
  • Avoid writing about the issues that are too broad. If possible, narrow the topic down as much as possible. For example, don’t write about the problem of students’ misbehavior in general but explore the situation in your school. A narrow topic will help you stand out from the crowd. However, consider if the aspect you choose to write about is researchable and you have enough sources to refer to.

  • Make sure that you can defend your position.
  • Check if you have enough arguments to support your viewpoint. If the counterarguments are stronger, rethink the topic.

  • Make sure that opposing viewpoints are strong enough.
  • It’s good if you can successfully prove your point. However, it’s bad if you are obviously right and if your opponents can’t argue against. If this is the case, your topic isn’t controversial and will be good for an expository piece of writing rather than an argumentative paper.

Argumentative Essay Topics to Inspire You

  • Volunteers should be motivated by schools and local businesses.
  • The law on the freedom of speech should be reviewed.
  • Parents shouldn’t press on their children to go to college.
  • True heterosexual friendships don’t exist.
  • Modern educational system should be completely changed.
  • Advertisements for children should be forbidden.
  • Children should be financially motivated to study well.
  • Children should choose extracurricular activities on their own.
  • Teachers are to blame for bad behavior in classrooms.
  • Teachers’ competence should be checked yearly.