List Of Good Discursive Essay Topics For Middle School Students

Discursive essays are always a greater way to get thorough knowledge on any topic. By analysing both parts of the topic the author can give a complete analysis of the topic to make users say correct to his idea. This is a powerful way to write essays about anything.

Discursive topics for middle school students

When it comes to middle school students in the growing age, there is a lot of scope to write it. They can write about something in school or a rather controversial public topic. Like an argument essay in a discursive essay we will argue about some topic and make our readers to have the same idea as we have. This is a great way to build upon a student’s skill to argument and n writing on the same time. Here are some best topics for middle school students to try writing discursive essay:

  • Should mobile phones be allowed at school?
  • Should uniform bee made compulsory in school?
  • Should marijuana be made legal to consume?
  • Should the conventional book be replaced with eBooks?
  • Should students be allowed to do part-time jobs?
  • Should boys and girls be segregated?
  • Should immigrations laws be made strict?
  • Should piracy be legally punished?
  • Should cities have free Wi-Fi for all
  • Should people be screened before entering airplanes?
  • Should space program expense be increased?
  • Should abortions be made legal?
  • Should schools have elections?
  • Should unhealthy fast foods be banned?
  • Should schools provide video lectures?
  • Should gabling be made legal?
  • Should be there uniforms for teachers?
  • Should smoking be allowed in outdoors?
  • Should language classes be added in middle schools?
  • Should outdoor games be made compulsory for students?
  • Should the number of kids be limited?
  • Should rules for divorce be made strict?
  • Should drunken driving have more strict rules?
  • Should Facebook be banned for kids?
  • Should personal firearm be made illegal?

Like the above 20 there are a lot of interesting topics for middle school students to write discursive essays on. It is always preferred if schools encourage students in writing such essays. Writing such essays can develop a lot of skills in school students. There is no limitation about opting only topics from this list. You can create and find a topic of your choice and fly in the world of imagination.