Concluding A Reflective Essay Properly: Vital Things To Consider

A reflective essay is a semantic reflection on your academic growth. While reflective piece may deal wit varied emotions of life, it is generally connected with development of study map.

Types you may encounter

It may be about how you got the better of an inveterate problem you faced with studies; or how you planned your growth in a streamlined manner. It may also be about how you defeated the roadblocks of your environment or how you won over the crises thrust over you.

Now, conclusion of these reflective essays has to ingratiate positive qualities to warm up readers. Here are the things you should ruminate on, while carving out your conclusions –

  • Believability – Since it is a reflection on your life and your pursuits, it is supposed to be true. However, you should make sure not to culminate with fanciful bearings, just because they happened with you. The essay should be credible and believable.
  • Solution-oriented – Your conclusion should work towards a solution. It is better to read pieces which offer solutions than those which leave things midway in the park, so to speak. You are writing the piece perhaps because you found a solution. Share it with others.
  • Sequential derivation – Remember not to rush things up with your conclusion. Impress upon the reader that development does not occur overnight; it takes its own time-frame. The conclusion should be elegantly carved out of your earlier paragraphs.
  • Short but crisp – Our conclusion should not run outside the preset standards of conclusion structure. The reflective essay will lose its bite if it is stretched too long in the end. Think of a movie stretched beyond redemption and you will get the drift.
  • Major points – You must have incorporated certain qualities in you in order to succeed in the quest you are discussing about. Make sure that you frame these points systematically in the conclusion with corollaries so that the readers understand how the factors help you grow and develop.
  • Practicality aspect – You should sooth the readers with a promise that the steps you have mentioned are quite personable and easy to emulate if they desire so. A theoretical assertion may dampen their spirits simply because they will find it far-fetched.

Make sure that before you pitch your conclusion, you have placed the resonant points with poignancy and precision so that the essay makes for fervent and energetic reading. There is something special about writing excerpts of your actual life, and the regard holds for reflective essays.

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