General Instructions For Writing An Evaluation Essay In The MLA Format

Evaluation essays are just like a review type of writing. In essence the writer is supposed to evaluate a specific subject giving the final thought of it maybe even comparing it to another subject in the same category. This piece is has been written to give the student a proper guideline for writing an evaluation essay in the MLA format. Many students perceive the MLA formatting to be complicated, though this is not case, students should ensure that they adhere to every detail in relation to this style and formatting.


For a good evaluation essay, choose a topic that you have experienced before it could be once or many times. Your evaluation essay will be good if you have a very strong opinion about the topic you choose. Brainstorm as hard as you can so that you get the best and interesting topic possible.

The MLA guidelines state that:

  • - You shall not place a period after a title or any heading
  • - Always double space between the first line of text and the title
  • - Centre- align the title. No underlining, bolding, or capitalizing every word in it.
  • - With MLA style you have the option of creating a title page or use the header.


Paragraphing - Every paragraph has a half inch indent. And every line has a double spacing though out the content.

Set-off quotations are indented one inch from the left margin. Any font that is easy to read can be used, and use a 12 font size all through the body content. Leave a space after the periods or other punctuation marks, unless your instructor advices otherwise.

Page numbers

Te page numbers are to be placed one and a half inch from the top margin in the right-hand corner flashing it with the margin. You can have your last name before the numbers. Never place letter ā€˜Pā€™ as a shortening form of the word page before the numbers.

In evaluation essays, after you know the topic you want to write on, you find the criteria of judging the subject. Evaluation essays are well written in MLA style of formatting so you should make sure you have a good understanding of the style and formatting that is used to avoid crucial mistakes when writing your essays. For MLA formatting guidelines, get immediate help.