How To Do My Essay Quickly: Fighting Procrastination

Procrastination is a common problem for students at all levels. There is a range of causes for this which includes a lack of interest, a fear of failing, avoidance to solitude, and even just the simple desire to be involved in more enjoyable tasks. Here are some ideas for avoiding procrastination and finishing your essay quickly:

Know Your Assignment Topic.

Sometimes students simply are asked to work on an assignment that doesn’t interest them. Whether you have been assigned a topic or have picked one for yourself, check with your professor to see if you can change it. Your assignment topic should capture your attention and perhaps even be partially relevant to something going on in your life.

Determine if You Are Afraid of Failing.

Many students can’t get motivated enough to start on their work because of an underlying fear of failing. That is to say, they don’t believe that they are capable of writing a great paper and so would rather just push back the assignment as long as possible. The best way to beat this is to remind yourself that no student is perfect, nor can every assignment be earn a perfect score. Keep this in mind and regain the confidence to get going.

Limit Your Research Time.

A lot of students tend to want to gather all the information on a subject before they can start writing. While conducting thorough research is good, it’s not a very good idea to keep trying to squeeze out every last detail at the expense of not starting your work. The best thing to do is to set a schedule and limit your research time. Remember that it might be impossible to learn everything there is within a limited time. Don’t stop yourself from getting to the most important task.

Divide Your Assignment Into Small Tasks.

During the planning stage of essay writing, you should divide up your entire assignment into small and manageable tasks. This may mean researching one day, brainstorming and creating an outline the next, writing your first draft the night afterwards and so forth. Breaking up your task will make completing your paper a lot easier and reduce a lot of stress.

Consider Staying Socially Engaged.

Writing can seem like a solitary job, however, some people can take various stages of the process and make it social. For instance, you can always go to the library to research with a friend or colleague. You can brainstorm and create an outline with a friend, as you casually bounce ideas off one another. Make some of the easier stages social and you’ll find yourself beating procrastination.