Choosing Compare And Contrast Essay Topics: 25 Great Ideas

We had learned a lot of figures of speech during our student days and up to this time, there is a realization that words are indeed powerful. Even though it took us a lot of sleepless nights trying to figure out how to construct sentences using simile and metaphor, we still have done our best to submit needed homework the next day. Not only were we preoccupied with the former but also raised our eyebrows in trying to comprehend the different kinds of conjunctions and their functions. A challenge that up to this time, we still remember and even use in our day to day encounter with people. The present challenge now is the ability to transform what we had learned before into this very article.

  • The ability of men and women in decision-making and their kind of acceptance of the outcomes
  • The emotional and psychological patterns between a teenage boy and a teenage girl and how it affects their respective behavior
  • Comparing and contrasting the chances of success between legitimate and illegitimate children
  • The levels of understanding and comprehension of learners who have been taught in a traditional classroom to that of learners who were taught in a virtual classroom
  • The speed and effectiveness of penmanship between children who are right-handed versus children who are left-handed
  • Identifying the likenesses and the differences of children who are fraternal twins
  • The period of growth gaps between boys and girls
  • The educational curriculum of the United States as compared to that of the United Kingdom
  • The amount of nutrients absorbed by the body with the intake of glucose versus fructose
  • The medical benefits of patients living in an industrialized country to that of patients in developing countries
  • The age of menarche between girls of the new generation and girls who were born in the 70’s
  • The effects of reward versus punishment in teaching a child self-discipline
  • How vegetables and fruits help the body in maintaining a good skin and a smart brain
  • How visually-impaired children and hearing-impaired children are taught to respond and react to objects that they touch and the sounds that they hear
  • The ability of humans to perceive what is right from wrong and how they make choices and decisions in life
  • The conveniences and inconveniences of a traditional telephone compared to that of a cellular phone
  • The importance of parental influence on the behavior of children as compared to the peer influence
  • The effectiveness and efficiency of digital computers to that of analog computers
  • Comparing and contrasting the lifestyle of people living in the urban areas to that of people in the rural areas
  • The circuit patterns of a picture tube television as being compared to flat and high definition TVs
  • How women of yesterday put importance on purity and chastity as compared to the perception of women in this new generation
  • The retention or ability to remember of students in the early 60s as compared to that of the students in the early 90s
  • The teenagers’ levels of adrenaline during regular school days as compared during summer vacations
  • How American English is differentiated with British English with respect to accent, pronunciation, and diction
  • The different levels and functions of an inbound call center agent to that of an outbound call center agent

Whether or not you have chosen a relevant topic above, remember that what you say about a person or an object remains to be a reflection of who you are. It defines your personality and the totality of your being. If you chose to utilize kind and affectionate words, you would be regarded by many as a saint; but if you decide to be mean and rude in your ways, then your friends or people who know you will try to put distance in whatever relationship you are into. We all can exercise freedom of expression, but the question is: Are you responsible enough of what you say?