How Do You Write A 1500-Word Compare And Contrast Essay?

A compare and contrast essay can be very interesting to write. You will, of course, need to conduct some preliminary research on the two subjects at hand before you begin composing your paper. You may find assistance on this website if you need some additional help, but here are some tips on how to fill up such a 1500 word essay.

How to write a 1500 word compare and contrast essay

  • - The first thing to remember is that at least 400 words of the essay should be dedicated to writing the introduction at the start and the conclusion at the end of your paper. The introduction should consist of your thesis statement; basically the points of your essay where you also introduce the two subjects you are about to compare and the different mediums that you will use for this examination.
  • - The conclusion, which should be roughly another 200 words, should be used to tie up all the various points you have already made in your paper - and how they relate to your thesis statement.
  • - Now, you are left with 1100 words (roughly) to use for the body of the essay.
  • - Try dividing up this word count as evenly as you can into the comparison and the contrast. So, say you have 550 words for the comparison; which is what you should start with. Use these 550 words to talk about the different points of similarity that you have noticed between the two subjects through your research work. Don’t hesitate to use quotes (as long as you mention the exact references) in the body of your essay - this will help prove your point. You should divide this section into different paragraphs as well.
  • - Next, you need to start pointing out the contrasts. Divide this section into several paragraphs depending on how many points of contrast you have found between the subjects in your study.
  • - This should be the basic structure and word distribution to follow when you are writing a 1500 word compare and contrast essay on two subjects. You need not worry too much if you have trouble sticking to the assigned word limit for each section.

The key to writing a good essay, beyond the material that you put into the body, is also how well you structure it and how well you can get your thoughts across on the subject within the assigned word count for the essay.