The 12 Best Easy Persuasive Essay Topics For High School

One of the most common essay assignments in high school is the persuasive essay. With this type of writing, students are expected to persuade readers to see things from the student's viewpoint. Like a lawyer arguing a legal case, students must use logic, facts and research to bring the reader around to their way of thinking.

Choosing a Topic

Although persuasive papers are very common assignments in high school, choosing a topic is never an easy task. In some cases, the teacher will assign a specific topic that they want the student to write about. If the teacher is unwilling to give students set topics, it is up to each student to find a topic that suits their interests. As a rule, students will want to pick a topic that actually interests them. If the student actually likes the topic, they will be able to spend more time researching and writing about it. Instead of being bored by a tedious subject, the student can learn new information as they work on their document.

To choose a topic, students can begin by brainstorming through different ideas. If none of the ideas on the list work, students can always use one of the following 12 topics. All of these topics have been used in English classes in the past, and they are fairly easy to write about. For a more original paper, students can always try modifying one of the following ideas.

Persuasive Essay Topics for High School Students

  1. Should in-state students be allowed to attend community colleges and state universities for free?
  2. Should students receive money for achieving higher grades? Should college students be given lower tuition if they make 3. the honor roll?
  3. Should illegal immigrants be allowed to register for public services or get a driver's license?
  4. Should military service or volunteer work be required of every American citizen?
  5. Should students attend co-ed schools or all-girls and all-boys schools?
  6. Since downloading music illegally is stealing, should people who download music or videos online be sent to prison?
  7. Should every city be equipped with free Wi-Fi for its residents?
  8. Should the government restrict the type of content that can be accessed on the Internet? Should the Internet be censored?
  9. Public transportation is supposed to help reduce pollution, but few people ride it in many areas of the country. Since there are not enough riders, the routes are limited and few people can ride it. Should public transportation be offered for free in order to increase the number of actual riders?
  10. Should the voting age be lowered to 13?
  11. Should children or teenagers be allowed to choose if they want to go to school or not?