Top 15 Interesting Topics For Composing A Great Essay

Writing an essay

Writing an essay can both be interesting as well as a challenging task. Whether you are studying in school or attending your college days, papers are always a part of your studies. Creating an essay and then finally editing it, is a tricky job. First of all you need to make up your mind what type of paper you are writing. Is it an argumentative one or an informative one or it can even be a narrative one.

Whatever may be the type, you need to do thorough research before you proceed to write. One of the most important aspects of the paper is the topic you select for writing. Now-a-days a number of innovative essay topics are coming in the forefront which deals with various aspects of daily life. Some issues are society oriented and some are political or even personality oriented.

Few things to be remembered

An interesting paper topic is the key to the success f your writing. If you are writing an argumentative paper your topic should be open to discussion and debate. In case of informative paper you have to give a thorough idea about the topic to your readers. Make sure you add a number of additional information that is not known to your readers. In case of narrative essays, they are generally described in a manner that is used to narrate a story.

15 Interesting Essay Topics

Choosing a topic for your studies can be a tricky task. Here are some of the essay topics that you can write and research on to get better marks in your exam.

  1. Social networking: Is it a useful invention or an end to privacy?
  2. Euthanasia: Mercy killing or a crime?
  3. How Nuclear weapons hamper Global peace and stability?
  4. Terrorists and assassins: Their cruelty lies in heart
  5. Reality shows and their impact on the society
  6. Global warming: A threat for tomorrow
  7. Comparison of Greek-Roman mythology with Indian mythology
  8. The harassment caused due to cyber crimes
  9. Should death penalty be used for cruel crimes change the society?
  10. Rape and incest : The social crimes
  11. Match fixing: The sportsman spirit has gone
  12. Is Shakespeare a relevant study in the modern day literature?
  13. The pros and cons of using cell phone
  14. Destruction of the forests is equal to the destruction of the planet
  15. Is abortion legal or a crime?