A List Of The Best College Essay Topics To Look Into

College students are always worried about the topic of essays and they spent a lot of time before their exam to read and ready different articles which may come to their test. The reason of their worry is they get confused about what to read and what not and which type of college essay will come into the exam.

Don’t take tensions, there are some common subjects and at the last moment try to cover all those topics. Don’t try to prepare college essay on a subject which is unknown to you before the test. While you are writing on a point, keep some points in your mind, like your writing should be unique, you should write the content of the article on your own words; give a clear view of your concept in your writing etc.

List of topics

Now it is a big question, essays on which topic you should go at the last moment. Not only subject selection, the content should be catchy and interesting. One more thing is a article can be more successful if it is able to reflect the writer’s point of view, so try to write in such a way that reader can got your statement clearly. The most common topics of essay writing are as follows:

Describe your world

In this type of paragraph you should write those things which are related to you and your life, your dreams, ambitions and wishes of your life.

  • - Describing a person who is role model of your life
  • - Memorable experience of your life
  • - Favorite writer, singer or personality
  • - Memorable and interesting meal you ever have

We have our meal every day but some time it becomes special and a precious memory of our life. So you can write an essay on that meal which is best ever in your life.

  • - Memorable tour or your favorite holiday place

We go to many places to spend our vacations and we have some places which is very close to our heart. Try to prepare a paragraph on those places and the reason to choose that place.


It is a phase of our life which is very heard at the same time we take lessons from our failure. So in this writing you can reflect how you take negative incidents and how you take lessons from an incident.


This paragraph represents the aim of your life and how much you are work hard to keep all those commitments.