Argumentative Essay Vs Opinion Essay: Writing Tips For Dummies

There is a clear distinction between an argumentative and an opinion essay. This difference lies in the structure and must be brought out whenever you are writing your paper. There are features that define each type of writing. A look at each type will make the difference easier to understand and implement in your writing activity.

Features of an Argumentative Essay

In argumentative writing, you will be required to take and defend a position. The defense is mounted using supportive literature, research findings, personal experience and historical materials, among others. The writer may use several arguments, all of which must point at your target conclusion.

The decision on the side to support is made before commencing on the writing process. It is during the research phase that you identify your position based on the supporting points available. It is advisable that you pick a position or stand with the strongest points. The position should be in line with your passion or interest. It makes it easier to mount an effective defense or argument when writing.

Besides the perspective adopted during presentation of points, all the other aspects of writing must be adhered to. The paper must contain an introduction, body and conclusion. The ideas must seamlessly flow from the beginning to the end. This defines a good paper from a weak one regardless of the writing style used.

Features of an Opinion Essay

An opinion paper requires you to pick a biased stand on an issue. The stand or opinion must be stated clearly with the support of reasons and examples. It is possible that the opinion you take on the matter is not the most popular or contains the weakest points. This should not deter you from sticking to the opinion. It is your presentation of reasons that will make the paper convincing.

In opinion writing, you are allowed to ignore the strongest points against your stand. Though you might mention these points, it should be done in passing. While mentioning your strongest points, you should highlight the weaknesses of opposing ideas. This is a way to strengthen your stand.

The difference between argumentative and opinion writing is in the presentation. At the basic level, an argumentative piece requires the mention of opposing ideas while an opinion paper is biased. However, both papers must stick to the normal rules of writing which include proper grammar, the right structure and coherent presentation of ideas.